Service Introduction

STYLE SHARE™? has been divided into two functions.
Let me introduce "coordinator function," and "community function".

Coordinator function

  • About coordinator dressing simulation function

    Style share is the able to perform the simulation dress fitting. The main purpose is to dress up fashion items freely. Please check the movie content of "UA Style Share" that was producted for the client "United Arrows Ltd". (Japanese)

  • The strength of the coordinator function
    • Through the introduction of smart phone applications and EC web site improve the selling price and promote the purchase rate.
    • To fit the new products are released every day we provide daily new items creation, updating and maintenance.
    • More than 10,000 items and a large number of items production are supported by us.
    • Not necessary to take shooting for the new item images. Just take 5 to 10 minutes, the item can be registered.
    Why do not need to take a picture of a new product?
    Company A STYLE SHARE™
    The mannequin will be wearing the real product to shoot. Items that can be worn by the data processing. You can directly process the data of item images on the EC site .
    Shooting is not required.
    ⇒It takes time and money ⇒Achieve significant time and cost cuts

    Pursuit of technology jointly developed by universities and research institutes.

    These STYLE SHARE Collaboration technologies by research institutions of University of Aizu, University of Tsukuba, University of Tokyo, has been improved every day.In addition, STYLE SHARE Technology now is in the patent pending.

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Community function

  • About Community Fuctions

    Post coordinators to participate the various of events and contests, Style share provide a communication platform between brand and customer.The main topics are introduced as United Arrows "UA Style Share" Please see the introduction movie(Japanese).

  • About coordinator dressing simulation function

    The community features can make customers visit shop more frequently, increase the purchase rate and customer traffic as a result.

    • Contests and other events and campaigns can be implemented.
    • Twitter, and Facebook linked with information diffusion by SNS , allows effective use of reviews.
    • In conjunction with the affiliate system, you can expect further synergies.
    • Advanced coordinator search can suit your preferences and your question. This can now offer our customers the information they want.
  • The primary system of community features

    The introduction of community features can provide a fan making platform, and improve you sales.
    Like to customize the system for each client, and suggests the best community features.

    Cordinator share

    You can post your own cordinator to the community through the coordinator dressing fuction, your cordinator can be shared with others. To find a favorite dress, or by pressing the button Good, you can build communicaiton relationship with others.

    Various events holding

    By rankings and coordinator of staff recommendations, holding the contest you can enliven the community to get a novelty.

    Turning wearing contact

    Select anyone item, what items you get along with it, what you wear can match, you can ask at those problem in the community. Through real advice from other users and sales staff, it can revitalize the communications.

    AorB coordinator

    The topics which one is better from the two types of coordinator can be choice by any user, also user can post itself problems to revitalize the communications.
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About case studies

    March, 2011

    UNITED ARROWS LTD. ONLINE STORE intruduce to style share coordinator dressing feature.

    Drag&Drop items into style share tool box to dress freely on the online shopping site, also you can create your own coordinator. Items can be worn now is more than 15,000 (October 2011).

    May, 2011

    "UA Style Share community" was released.

    Submitted coordinator number is more than 1,0000. Not only you can check the coordinators of user and staff, but also you can participate the regularly held events and contests.

    September, 2011

    Start the style share iPad application to use on the real store

    In the brand "UNITED ARROWS - green label relaxing" store, staff make use of style share iPad application to sever customers.

    Nobember, 2011

    "UA Style Share" iPhone application released

    "UA Style Share" iPhone application was released. In addition to dressing simulation functions, user can select the coordinators to enjoy the AorB feature. The iPhone application make you enjoy from a variety angles.

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